The Stylis Olive Producers Cooperatives, which is the continuance of the Stylis Union of Olive Producers’ Cooperatives, has been collecting, synaiterismosprocessing and selling olives since 1949. It is mainly an export corporation. Due to its nature and to the puprose of its incorporation, the Stylis Olive Producers Cooperatives provides administrative coverage to the whole area of the Maliakos Gulf from Kamena Vourla on to Glifa. It is an area of 65,585 acres with some 4,393,872 olive trees owned by 16,691 growers.

The Stylis Olive Producers Cooperatives, in its new form, has more than 1.600 members. The main olive variety cultivated in the area is “conservolia”. The Stylis Olive Producers Cooperatives operates its processing unit in the Industrial Area of Lamia with a capacity of 5,000 tons of green olives and 1.000 tones of black olives. In addition to the olive tanks is also equipped with olive oil tanks with a capacity of 600 tons.

A highly equipped chemistry lab allows quality controls to be carried out throughout the production procedure. Financial activities are supported by an advanced IT system, providing wide ranging use of new technologies at all stages.